May 14, 2018

Until it’s done


Everyone might smile and make all the right noises, you might walk away from the meeting with a warm glow and a jump in your step, you may have shaken hands and everything might be going your way – but it isn’t done until it’s done. 

First step, the signatures find their way to the line. Then the real work begins: the work of actually delivering the thing, of keeping on top of suppliers and logistics and human resources, of managing the cash and customer expectations, of pushing rocks up hill and seeing them jag on every possible tiny tiny piece of grit on the path. The real work of making progress every day until the final day when the customer (who might just be you) says, Yes … it’s done.

Celebrate the major milestones, but recognise them for what they are: way markers, not end points.

Skippy strategy: Forwards, until it’s done.