July 10, 2020

Up or down


Sure, the moment you make the decision you crystallise all the thinking into one inescapable fact. Good or bad, it’s done. So it’s scary. But, and it’s a big but, even if it’s bad, you can fix it anyway.

So we live with the not knowing. The not being sure whether it’s go or no go, up or down, red or green. The wasted time while the decision gets made with everyone is standing in circles looking at each other. All the backwards and forwards evaluating every option from every angle, never coming to any conclusion other than we have to go around the houses again.

And then, because we have to, it’s the act of making the decision. It’s when everything that’s gone before stops so everything that can happen next can actually start.

Scary but blissful.

Skippy strategy: Make the decision, the deal with what happens next.