May 31, 2019

Urgent trivia


It sits there at the edge of your consciousness all the time. Just out of sight. Lurking in the shadows in the corner of your eye. Distracting you. Dragging your attention. Reminding you that there’s something you need to do.

And it will sit there, lurking, until you stop ignoring it, stop prioritising everything else, and finally give it the respect it deserves and put the time aside for this non-urgent but utterly important piece of work you know you need to do. 

And it will still sit there, a little quieter now the schedule is clear, waiting until you actually use that time to step through the work from one end to the other, even if it takes multiple sessions, even if that means days and days.

Don’t let the merely urgent-and-probably-insignificant trump the non-urgent-but-utterly-important. Make space, and use it.

Skippy strategy: Prioritise the important over the urgent trivia.