April 19, 2018

Use five minutes


There are always the little jobs. Covered in moss at the edge of your to-do list, or maybe just off to the side, not even things worthy of an entry, but niggling away as an irritation every time you come across them in their not-done state.

Let’s say it’s some not-done filing that means you take an extra two minutes five times a month, or the tying up off of a loose end that means the thing isn’t ready for the next time or the relationship isn’t ready for the next step. The baggage hasn’t been dealt with so it’s sitting in the way just when you want to move ahead.

So deal with them. Maybe not this minute, but soon. Stick them in plain sight in a special place on the list. Label them as five minute jobs. And when you get five minutes …

Skippy strategy: Use five minutes.