October 20, 2018



We’re doing ok, right? Well, we think we are. At least, the water is hot and we put coffee in, I can’t remember any particular issues in the last few batches. So, were good?


The alternative … a shiny number collected from where things matter.


Now we know. Now we can manage.

Better yet .. compare it to the plan … now we can look for variances. 

We expected 27. What happened? Was the plan off or are we. What needs to change, where and when?

The value of a number? The knowing.

This is what we’re dealing with. Better than we thought. Which means … we need to do this and this and this differently to what we expected.

The alternative? Guessing. We’re not sure so let’s keep muddling through.

Most things are measurable.

Skippy strategy: Work out what’s important, measure it, keep an eye on variances and manage the reality.