January 23, 2021

Version two


There’s a tension between doing the big things and dealing with the new things.

The big things, the things we know we want to do, that we’re committed to and we know will take time and attention and consistent effort. The new things – some big some small, some urgent some exciting – that elbow their way into our day-to-day to compete for our time and attention and effort.

How to accomplish the big things without letting the new things wither?

On big things: version. Accept some thrashing, some last minute, some late priorities – but set parameters. The closer to the finish line, the smaller the changes that are allowed into this version. Do a deal with yourself, that done is better than not-done.

On new things: ask, is it simple and value adding, is it imperative, or can we put it back to version two?

Skippy strategy: Done is better than not-done.