May 2, 2017



There’s always a lot of waiting.

Which you can use by, hmm, waiting. Chewing the fat, kicking back, getting frustrated, killing time, hit the beach, wishing away time wondering and dreaming how life will be when all the waiting’s done with.

Or you can do the other thing. Stuff. Getting on with what you can do, today, so you’re not waiting for one-day.

Stuff like … preparing for D-day, coming up with contingency, finding the next hire, organising and sorting and strategising and talking things through. Working the whiteboard. Planning. Building the prototype, the beta, the first-to-ship. Retooling. Strengthening the code. Finding new partners. Keeping everyone on point, on board, on plan, in the loop.

There’s always a lot of … … … … … waiting.

The question isn’t, how long must we wait? It’s, how should we use the time?

Skippy strategy: Use the time like you’ll never get it back.