September 22, 2016

Walk right up


Five months later, other than the date, what’s changed around here?

All those plans for a new this and an improved that, to hire her and sort him – what happened?

Everybody gets sucked in by the day-to-day. The sun rises, we take on the challenges of the hour, kick back a bit then dig in some more. Dusk then dawn then over again. Every day demands need attention every day. No option to ignore or postpone of put them off. Discretionary choices – where change happens – dissolve in the ocean of immediate priorities.

Except maybe not everyone.

Some organise so change is part of the day-to-day. Put it in their path, give themselves no option but to deal with it – not discretionary, mandatory. Like the athlete who trains every day.

Not a choice.

Personal leadership.

Skippy Strategy: Put change in your path and walk right up.