May 21, 2019

Walk with it


The way to solve any problem: walk with it. As you walk, get inside it, understand it, find its limits and connections to other things you understand, work out where it fits and where you don’t, look at what you do know and what you’re missing.

And as you walk some more, work the problem. Test it this way and that way, see what happens when you poke it and prod it. And bring friends with you on the walk. Get them to add their own experiences and perspectives.

Talk as you walk. Ask questions and pose suggestions and look for facsimiles and analogues and metaphors and new ways of looking and old ways or imagining.

The way to solve a problem? Walk with it, work with it, walk with others and work it out.

Skippy strategy: Diogenes said, solvatur ambulando. Trans: It is solved by walking.