August 10, 2016

Wanting it all


In that beautiful fantasy where everything (EVERYTHING) goes our way, we check off our objectives – one to infinity – with a flourish. All targets, all priorities, all lined up neat and tidy? Check, check, check.

Back here in the real world, there are disappointments and trade offs.

We don’t get everything. We have to work hard to meet even some of our objectives. We concede points and reshuffle ambitions. We negotiate.

Head down, in the heat of the deal, there are two traps:

– Getting lost – It’s easy to lose yourself in tactical manoeuvring that sees you dodging and weaving your way into territory you neither know nor want. All of a sudden … what are we doing here!?

– Wanting it all – You don’t need to win every argument, focus on the bigger picture.

Order your priorities, keep them clear.

Skippy strategy: Underpinning the specifics, what are you trying to achieve?