February 19, 2019

Wash your boots


Ideas always take more time than you’d like before they mature.

What seems simple in the flash that gets things going isn’t simple at all when you start finding the pieces and putting them together and working out just the right configuration. It can take years. And when you finally take the product of your efforts out to meet the world (and sooner is better than later for almost every idea worth its weight), you’ll realise that building a market from a standing start often takes longer than the time you took before you took it on the road.

So, it’s hard, and it takes too long.

Intellectually, you know that.

Emotionally, it can still be tough to take when you’re slogging up the mountain making no/slow progress with the product or the world.

Wash your boots. Go again. 

Skippy strategy: What makes it hard makes it worthwhile.