March 14, 2021

Waste time


A minute or a day at the beginning of the project is measured in the same units as a minute or a day at the end. At the end though, that minute and that day are worth more. At the end you’re time pressured, you have deadlines that won’t move and commitments you need to deliver against, you’ll have people lining up waiting to take the product of the project and run with it in seventeen directions as soon as the ribbon is cut. You will be pressured and they will be impatient.

At the beginning, it’s easy to waste time, to deprioritise, to go down known or obvious looking rabbit holes, to wait, to wait, to wait to get started. It’s easy to imagine – imagine – that this time – this time – things will be different, that you’ve got this, and that everything will be smooth.

Skippy strategy: Don’t waste time at the beginning.