March 2, 2018

We do this


When we start doing something, there’s always a Why. The reason we kick off the new thing or the new way is rooted in what comes before. A dissatisfaction followed by some thinking followed by a decision to change and actions taken. The result: the new new.

Over time, without attention … the Why can blur into the background, and all we’re left with are the actions. We do This.

Two dangers:

– We lose sight of the Why of the thing. We slip back into old ways or simply drift off course without realising we’re cheating the winning formula.

– We become to wedded to the What of the thing. We ignore changes in our world that impact the Why, that undermine the reasons we took this route in the first place. Before long, we’re lost on a branch-line wondering where everyone went.

Skippy strategy: Attend to the reason why we do This.