October 7, 2018

We know


Before you start paying attention and seeing what happens, you’re either entirely ignorant of reality or you’re playing a guessing game.

The point about metrics is to measure against them. How many of this, how often it happens, the size of that. The first time you measure you suddenly have more than you did before. This much we know. 

Keep taking the numbers, you can describe a history, plot trend lines, start to make educated guesses. Here’s a story.

Now you can start managing. 

Now you can make predictions about what happens if …

Now you can see the impact of your interventions, plot objectives, put plans and processes in place and trim as progress plays out.

Now you can stop guessing and start knowing, and learn where the levers really are, and how to pull them and and what they do.

Skippy strategy: Write down and manage the metrics.