February 11, 2019

We overcommit


Sometimes we overcommit. We take on too much or are given more than we can handle (and can’t handle pushing it back either). And the world turns and the deadline matures and we’re behind the curve and jumping into crisis mode. Dealing with an increasing list of immediate priorities and spending as much time trading favours and emergencies with more focus and energy than it would have taken to line up tasks and diaries in the first place. 

Most people understand you can’t do everything immediately. They even understand if you tell them the deadline is unrealistic and offer something achievable – especially if this conversation happens at the start and certainly no where near the expected end.

What they don’t understand, what frustrates and irritates – when you say Yes knowing you should have said No. When you’re kidding yourself.

Skippy strategy: Don’t kid yourself or the people relying on you.