November 22, 2023

Weathered eye


When everything is running as it should, when Tab A fits snugly into Slot B, when the email is silent and there are no fires to fight … life it pretty simple. A gentle hand in the tiller, a glance at the horizon, a little tack or jibe … forward motion and plain sailing.

Of course, that assumes you know how things should run in the first place (which means metrics and measures and a reporting system), and that Slot B’s tolerances are known (and they too are measured and assessed), and that feedback loops are in place (systems run smooth) and you know what to do about variances (so something small never becomes big).

To sail plain – and having the confidence in knowing you’re doing it – takes plenty of prep, pots of process, and a weathered eye when things don’t look right. 

Skippy strategy: Know the edges and manage the variances.