March 19, 2016

Wedging our thinking?


We all arrive at some projects late in the day. The groundwork is laid, the major structures are in place, and the name of our frame is to get stuff done.

Thing is … based on the experience and skills that make us useful in the first place … we look around the work-site and see mistakes, omissions, choices we wouldn’t have made.

Now we have another choice: wedge our thinking where we think its needed, or focus on the next step?

Wedging might be unwelcome but necessary, focusing might be a pedal too softly pushed.

It’s a dilemma with no easy answers.

One clue: is about our own agenda or the projects? Is it about what’s going on inside our own head (ego, take-controlness, type-A personality), or fundamental to what we’ve been asked to do?

Skippy strategy: Put the project in the centre, work out from there.