May 9, 2024

We’re the one


There’s all the things we know we need to do, and we haven’t done yet. We’ve agreed they need to be done, that we’re the one to do them, want to do them, but for some reason we haven’t pulled the trigger (and everyone lets us get away with it).

We wouldn’t accept it from our suppliers. We’d ride their tails and impose deadlines and if they didn’t do what they said they were going to do … we’d find a new supplier, one who would fulfil on their commitments.

But this is on us – which we know, and which we know we know.

Choose one thing and get on with it.

One step, then another, then another.

Until it’s done.

Not to the exclusion of all else but jigsawing it all together somehow, like we always do.

Start it, do it, then do the next.

Skippy strategy: Get on with it.