February 28, 2021

We’ve been trying


Let’s try to squeeze a deeply complex and strategic conversation into ten minutes at the end of the meeting. Let’s try to answer emails and phone calls whilst we’re at it. Let’s try to respect the subject whilst respecting everything else that’s on our to do list.

We can try. Again. It’s what we’ve been trying for a while. It might not be, erm, exactly working – although the sky isn’t falling in and the can isn’t looking much more worse for ware having been kicked down the road for another two months, maybe three.

Who knows, maybe we’ll luck into absolute understanding and total clarity, and maybe in seven minutes of madness we’ll knock up a coherent and inclusive plan that everyone understands and buys in to.

Or, we could turn off our phones, put the work in, and make it happen.

Skippy strategy: Respect the work that needs doing.