January 4, 2017

What if?


Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could predict the future.

Well that ain’t happening but spreadsheets let you scratch the itch anyway, and may just be the best thinking buddy you know.

A well constructed model lets you play games, pushing you to ask, what if …

What if the revenue line kicked in three months early/late?

What if the funding came in here/there?

What if we half/double the sales and half/double the production capacity?

What if costs went up/down by 10%?

What if we couldn’t hire the right person until June/September?

What if this critical/unquestioned assumption was wrong?

It’s not that there’s any magic in the numbers, or that the answers have any more chance than usual of being right … it’s that the game forces you to ask the questions. And that’s good.

Skippy strategy: What if your assumptions were wrong?