April 8, 2020

What you do right


You might get the playing field to yourself. You might invent a new move that gives you a competitive advantage and everyone might stand back and clap, leaving you as the only one with the move. You might.

More likely, everyone who’s been displaced will copy and co-opt and compete to get back in the middle of the space.

It will happen. You leap, they react. And sometimes they fight. And the fight can feel uncomfortable, unfair and ungentlemanly. They’ll talk to your customers, they’ll undermine whatever you did that undermined them even as they work out how to do what you did.

You can get mad, but that’s a waste of energy. You can appeal to better natures, but that a lost cause. Or you can keep on innovating, running faster than them, and focus on doing more of the things you do right.

Skippy strategy: Do what you do right.