September 9, 2018

What you’re blind to


Not because of stupidity of wilful ignorance, but there are things you’re not seeing. Issues within your organisation that you’re blind to – maybe you’ve seen them so often you no longer see them as strange, maybe they’re buried under a process behind a pillar two floors away, maybe you saw it and dismissed it because you didn’t understand what you were looking at.

Either way, there are issues that are getting in the way that you neither see nor understand.

So ask.

Ask you customers, colleagues and partners and anyone else who might offer insight – whether they’re external, down the hall, or sitting in the next desk – what problems they face with how things are around here, what are you blind to, and … without judgement … what they see that you just miss. 

Listen to the answers, and do what needs to be done.

Skippy strategy: Start seeing what you’re blind to.