June 27, 2016

What’s changed?

Out Front

No matter how much effort you put into … perfecting the product with coherent and compelling features, coming up with a definitive position, hiring the best team available, putting the most up-to-date tools on the table, fully understanding the political and regulatory framework, sparking creativity into copy, perfecting the position of every pixel, maximising efficiency, simplifying the supply chain, hounding down top talent … doing anything to the best of your ability … the world continues around the sun.

Newer products come along, people move on, tools dull, frameworks grow, sparks fade.

Things change.

No point standing still then. No point hankering after the way it was. No point looking back.

Time to move on.

Time to work out what changed and what you’re going to do about it.

Refresh. Rework. Renew.

Skippy strategy: Take your eyes off the rear-view mirror. Look out front.