January 19, 2021

What’s likely


It’s possible that things will happen when you say they will happen. It’s possible that the ducks will line up with their little webbed feet all straight and their heads all pointed forward. It’s possible that the calendar will flip, flip, flip in turn with the flap, flap, flap as they make headway against the current, all in time, all in shape. It’s possible that the i’s will be dotted and the t’s will be crossed and that everything will be as you imagined it, planned it, saw it in your mind’s eye.

It’s possible.

More likely: things will be more difficult, they will take longer, there will be blind alleys and disappointments. The spreadsheet will have more rows and more columns and bigger numbers.

Allow for the likely, and just possibly, what you say is possible may just be.

Skippy strategy: Don’t plan on what’s possible, plan on what’s likely.