December 30, 2016

What’s next?


Wherever you are on the path, there’s always a next step, and another 72 or 72,000 following that.

Assuming you can’t do everything all the time … of all the things you have to do … what’s the next one?

At the beginning or when you’re lost, it’s conceptual – what’s our business model, which direction, what’s our core promise, our positioning?

Setting things up and every few blue moons, it’s strategic – build or buy, what workflow differentiates us, how to develop our branding, how will we go-to-market?

The rest of the time, running and tuning the day-to-day, it’s concrete – where to find customers, who to hire, how to improve marketing, what’s wrong with the shopping cart?

Recognise what kind of step you need, then respect it.

Concrete, start mixing.

Strategic or conceptual, clear your schedule, get help, get on with it.

Skippy strategy: What’s next?