When did we stop doing that thing? You know, that thing that made all the difference. It wasn’t much fun was it? But it worked.

When did we stop doing that?

Every business has fundamental actions that produce results. Not sexy, not new, no spark-it-up excitement. Just stuff it’s easy to forget when fires need fighting and opportunity’s knocking. Chasing the game, you lose sight of the tried and relied upon.

Managing the pipeline, updating the development team, keeping everyone in the loop, reaching out to new customers, asking for referrals, tracking competitors, working the cash flow, listening between the lines, tying things in a bow, …, whatever creates success.

At the same time, don’t slave to habit – not even fundamentals last forever.

A good time to stop? When they’re redundant or broken, with your eyes wide open, and for reasons you’re sure about.

Making room for the new … don’t push out the good.

Skippy Strategy: What have you stopped doing because you forgot, but that used to work? Could it work again?

First published 17th April 2015.