June 20, 2017

When it doesn’t work


One of, if not the, quickest ways to improve a losing situation is to stop doing whatever it is that isn’t working. Which is obvious, and trite, and pretty good advice all the same.

Most of us ignore it. We carry on doing what we’ve been doing, hoping and hoping that some kind of magic will change its effect and make everything right with the world.

It’s not a good bet.

The smart money says, when it doesn’t work, stop.

Stop running the same ad, stop treating the same employee with the same kid gloves or stick and carrot, stop treating the in-bound caller like an inconvenience, stop tinkering with the financial model, stop wishing that things will be different next week.

In short, when something doesn’t work, stop doing it.

Find a way that does work and do more of that.

Skippy strategy: Abandon what doesn’t work.