June 19, 2017

When it works

Zig Zag

When you do something well, when your organisation is on its game, when you’re standing just a little bit taller than the competition, it’s tempting to take it for granted. To take that edge you’ve got and sit on it for a while. Rest a little easy knowing everyone else is struggling out back.

They may be struggling but they’re not standing still. They’re not hanging around waiting for you to keep breaking new ground. They’re not just playing catch-up – they’re, you know, catching up.

And you, isn’t it more fun at the front? Hard work, sure, but isn’t that what makes it worthwhile in the first place?

The smart money – don’t sit back. Press forward. Strengthen what works, then take those strengths and strengthen them further. Build them up and make them better still. Play to those strengths. Play hard.

Skippy strategy: Strengthen what works.