June 26, 2019

When things slip #2


When things slip there are two easy ways of getting back on track: change what’s on it, or change how long it runs.

Let’s take the second one first as it’s the default option. Default because … if you’re not paying attention to the timeline you have no idea where it’s heading anyway, and, even if you do see what’s happening, letting things streee-aaatch means not having to deal with the difficulties or disappointments it will cause – at least, not today. Top tip: that’s a bad habit.

That said, it may be the best active-decision option too, but only when you’ve considered scope.

Reducing scope – staying on track by changing what’s on it – is often the better option as it retains urgency and forces the team to deliver on time. And delivering on time is the kind of habit you want to develop.

Skippy strategy: Make active choices over deadline and scope.