October 2, 2020

Where are we hurting?


 Not everything goes the way it’s supposed to go. In a project, that’s the game; navigating the choppy territory. When it comes to business as usual though, the game is ironing out variances and making everything go the way it should – so what about when it doesn’t?

A lot of things feel like one-offs, little trips and cracks, so we pick ourselves up, fix the problem and keep moving forward.

When you stop to look back, a lot of little things start to feel like one or two or three big things that need a systemic fix.

Ask, where and why are we hurting? Is it resources, training, communication, equipment, performance, management? Then, like a project, bring the right people into the room – the ones with the authority and the need – to talk it out, make decisions, and put actions into play. 

Skippy strategy: Start with, Where are we hurting?