December 22, 2016

Where are you?


Most things don’t follow a direct route. They’re more wriggly than that. Some things only have a vague target in mind, you don’t know where they’re going and you don’t know if you’re making progress, it’s just one foot in front of the other until you get somewhere interesting.

Either way … right now, where are you?

On the path, off the path, in sight of the path, wandering further from the path? That last step, that last month … making progress, backwards, circles?

Whatever the answer, that’s the project life. All things are normal.

What’s not normal, or reasonable, or acceptable, is stumbling on blindly – living on hope that if you spin around long enough you’ll find something that makes sense of it all. That’s not management, that’s roulette.

And when you work out where you are, honestly, everything else becomes clearer too.

Skippy strategy: Deal with reality.