September 25, 2023

Where you want to go


Sprints are a handy way of thinking. A backlog of things-that-need-doing get attacked in short, sharp bursts – bucks of activity on a human scale, one-or-two weeks only, that help everyone stay focused and motivated as the end is always in sight. Standard operating procedure in a flood of development teams and seeping its way into management thinking.

Trouble is … sprint, sprint, sprint … lays a trap. So focused on clearing the backlog, on getting things done – eyes down, stepping purposefully through the to-do list one foot after the other – that you can lose sight of the map. You get plenty done, but risk going on a journey you didn’t plan and arrive (if ever) in a place you never wanted.

The route-map: where you want to go. 

THEN fit the sprints to the map – making them take you where you want to go.

Skippy strategy: Keep the map on your lap.