December 27, 2015

Where’s the opening?


Ever noticed how some people have a way of making everything complicated? They work out all the things that can go wrong and tie themselves in knots as they try to get everyone else to agree with their particular point of view.

It’s like they’re looking for ways to make life difficult.

For example, amongst all their wrangling over road laws, speeding motorists, cycle-rage, the inadequacy of traffic calming measures, police nonchalance, mobile phone use and blindspots … it’s easy to forget that all we actually want to do is cross this road, right now. We don’t need a systemic fix, we need a gap in the traffic.

Moving forward doesn’t generally involve cracking String Theory, it’s about taking actual steps – most of them pretty small, and pretty straightforward.

The question isn’t, what’s in the way? It’s, where’s the opening?

Skippy Strategy: When you want to get things done … work with gap-in-the-traffic people.