August 7, 2018

Who’s on point


Ever wonder what’s happening with a project or a particular deliverable but didn’t know who to ask?

For something to be done, someone needs to do it. And for someone to do it, the task has to be volunteered or assigned. 

And that can happen in a dark vacuum – someone may pick up the responsibility with telling anyone, get on with doing it without telling anyone, and finish the job without telling anyone – that’s the way most things happen in most places.

You can leave the room hoping someone will pick up the ball, or you can make sure everyone knows who’s on point. It’s the simple final step of putting a name against every action. Doesn’t mean they have to do the work – it just means they’re responsible for making sure the work is done.

Take one extra minutes. Saves months every year.

Skippy strategy: Who’s on point?