December 9, 2017

Win or lose


Whatever happens … win or lose, get the contract or don’t get the contract, land the job or keep on looking, ace the test or have to resit, nail the code or find an inelegant workaround, secure the funding or keep on bootstrapping, grow the company or pack it in, finish the job or get up and try again tomorrow … tomorrow will dawn and you’ll be the same person, breathing in and breathing out, as you were yesterday.

Sure, you want thing to go the way you want them to go. Sadly, you don’t have dominion over ever external force, which means it’s often out of your hands.

Either way, learn the lessons you can learn.

Did you have a plan and execute? Did you do your best? Did you try your hardest?

Play the best you can, move on.

Skippy strategy: Learn from winning and losing just the same.