January 29, 2019

With less effort


It’s almost always possible to get away with less effort if you accept the trade offs. A little less effort now might mean a little more effort later, or a job that’s not as complete as it could be, or at the standard you know you could nail, or that’s acceptable. Which might be ok for you, and might just pass the grade of whoever’s keeping score.

But there’s a risk. That little less effort might make for tardiness, or lack of polish, or want of completeness which might in the end be a deal breaker. (But that’s ok, because you never really tried anyway.)

And there’s a certainty. You’ll sell yourself short and if that becomes a habit you won’t get as far as you could have done. And the kind of people you care about … will notice … and they’ll know.

Skippy strategy: A little more effort is worth it.