January 20, 2019

With pillars


What is really going on?

Not … what I think is going on, or what I want to be going on, or what I’ve been told is going on, or what I understand is going on … but what is really going on?

With evidence. With a demonstration of progress. With pillars visible in the ground and lines proven to be crossed. With definitive, uncontrovertibly, universally accepted confirmation.

And with that in hand … it become obvious and agreed what hasn’t happened, where are we behind schedule, what documentation is missing, what deliverables remain to be delivered.

And with that on the table … now we can deal in reality.

We can make plans, set contingencies, bring together the talents and set them to working on solutions – with everyone in full knowledge of the facts of the what and the where and the when of the thing.

Skippy strategy: Share and deal in reality.