June 13, 2018

With structure


Is there anything more effective in getting order than a list?

On the way to the list you begin to get organised. The top gets populated with things that were front of mind already, these inspire sub thoughts that were nearly there but were never quite actually there (and there’s no way anyone else knew whether they were or not), this then sets you thinking on a bunch of connecting things that were simply weren’t on anyone’s mind before (oh, so that means we need to do this thing too). Then the definitions start, then the what-does-done-look-like? thinking, then the question of who will do each bit and when they’ll be needed, then there’s the dependencies and the risks and the … ahh!

A ten minutes later … order reigns … and it is good.

And with structure, the actual doing comes easier.

Skippy strategy: Nothing is more effective than a list.