December 25, 2018

With the ducks


There are definitely lessons to be learned in adversity. What got you there, how you dealt with it, ways to avoid or mitigate the issues next time around.

When things go well though, we tend to skip on over to the next thing and not give the learning time to filter down to the rootstock. No post mortem because the patient is alive and well.

Next time it’s a good day, pick it apart.

What were the steps that got you into the room, what preparation did you do to make it smooth, how did you set things up, how was the introduction, the product, the presentation, the contracting process, the relationships through procurement?

Swim with the ducks that lined up just so. Notice where they are and how they got there.

Make sure, next time, there’s even less luck in those ducks.

Skippy strategy: Learn from the good times.