July 9, 2020

Work each square


We all love to know the answer, and when we don’t know we like finding out. Fire up the browser, call a friend, do the research, and at some point, fill in the blank at the bottom of the page. Sometimes though, we don’t know where to start, or even what category to look for, or who to call. We’d love to find the answer but what we’re really going to do is stumble about. Maybe we’ll bump into something, and then bounce, and bounce again, until maybe we start to see the dragon.

Two alternatives: make it someone else’s problem, not by passing the buck, but by putting your smartest brain on the toughest problem; or, mark out the sectors and use a system – all the categories, all the options – draw a grid, work each square, keep notes.

Skippy strategy: Don’t stumble about, use smarts and a smart system.