March 16, 2022

Work up

Number 4

If your team had 116 items on its to-do list, it wouldn’t know where to start. The reality, your team has 116 items on its to-do list, and without guidance, the best case scenario is they’re pecking at it, easy hanging fruit first, their pet projects, whatever else they think is important. And the question: have they cracked the code and somehow divined what needs doing next? Probably not.

They need direction and structure. They need some way of categorising, so 116 becomes 10, and prioritising so 10 interesting and challenging islands become an archipelago organised into an agenda. Now this, then that.

When there’s too much to do, and there’s always too much to do, we need guidance. Start with the long list, then categorise and prioritise before breaking it down into what needs doing next.

Skippy strategy: Work up the list, then work down it.