July 18, 2020

Write it out


Sometimes you’re not entirely sure what you think. It’s not that you don’t have an opinion, it’s that it’s difficult to crystallise. What is the proposition, what is the job, what is the plan, why are we going left rather than right, who is the best candidate of the bunch?

The easiest and fastest way when you’re you’re struggling to nail it down on your own … spend time with a critical friend who’s willing to tease it out with questions and contrary options of their own. In other words, talk it out. 

Option two, particularly useful when you’re struggling to think about it … write about it. Write it as a job description, as website copy, as a press release. Force yourself to be clear and concise and elegant, polish until you find the through line.

Skippy strategy: When you’re not clear about what you think, write it out.