October 26, 2021

Yo! Canary!

Pit Bull

Yo! Canary! How you doing in there?

All numbers are not created equal. Some are not much more than noise (like page impressions and meeting minutes), some are interesting (like dwell time and gross margin), some are important (here’s lookin’ at you, conversation rate and net profit) and some, some are the numbers that summarise everything you’re doing. Not normally so obvious, not normally the number you get asked about by an FD or a VC, not normally the first thing you consider when new into the business – but this is the canary that tells you whether all is good with the world.

One candidate: aged support tickets. These show knotty problems that should have been designed out (design and development issues?) and should have been solved (workflow, capacity, utilisation issues?) and that are a composite of how we’re doing around here.

Skippy strategy: One number that rules them all.