July 1, 2021

You can


When you’re bombarded with issues, every one of them suck energy out of the room. And they stack up. Because you can’t deal with one, it drags and its dependencies start to tug away at you and then the people who depend on the dependencies niggle, and nag, and sap whatever energy you have left. And before you can deal with it, another email bomb hits your inbox. And another.

When your to-do list is done and every issue deal with, you feel lighter, you have room to breathe and energy to deal with anything, everything.

The point isn’t to wait for that beautiful day when the sun shines and all is right with the world. The point is to make decisions, delegate effectively, and make an almost empty inbox your standard operating model. Because you can.

Skippy strategy: Take control, make decisions and deal with your inbox. Today.