March 14, 2024

You could


The thing about jobs that need doing … they need to be done.

Sure, you can apply some tactics:

– Ignore them. Maybe if you turn your back for long enough, the need will bleed away and you won’t have to do it after all.

– Poke them. Instead of actually doing them, you can push them around your plate, pick them up, put them down again. You’re working out the best way to do them when the time is right. Right?

– Redefine them. Take them from the need-to-do pile and put them in the nice-to-have pile. And later, you can redefine them back again (or someone else might do it for you).

Or … you could … stop stopping and:

– Delegate them. Make it someone else’s responsibility, and put it high on their list.

– Do them. You know, get off your arse and do the actual work.

Skippy strategy: One way or another.