March 1, 2018

You go backwards


With any luck (for which read: luck, hard work, planning, perseverance, smarts, grit, determination) you’re busy making the world of your customers a better place. Products that sing, services that dance – with everything you do inside the organisation bent towards those joyful goods.

With even more “luck“ your colleagues and partners benefit just the same.

But …

With just a little less luck, something has to give – and that something is normally you, your team, and your organisational development – everyone else wins whilst you all stand in place.

And that can become the status quo … you and yours in second place.

So treat yourselves like a customer.

Put time in the diary for internal progress and treat those appointments like your best customer’s requests. Prioritise them as you would, work to them, hold yourselves accountable to the decisions and actions.

And external customers will benefit too.

Skippy strategy: Treat yourself like a customer.