December 13, 2018

You show up


When you’re sure about what has to be done and that you’re the one to do it … you show up and do the work. 

When you’re not sure, when you might not be the one … you show up anyway. That’s how you learn, that’s how you grow, and that how things get done.

It’s not always about perfect performances and widespread acclaim. It rarely is. Most times it’s the day-to-day task of picking up the broom and sweeping the floors, of adding value to the meeting, writing things down and fulfilling on your commitments, of doing the things you know to do and doing your best at everything else. Pushing one piece of paper into the Done pile and picking up the next piece straight away.

The path from here to there – showing up and taking the next step.

Skippy strategy: Whether you’re sure or not … you show up.