August 1, 2021

You’d like to


There are always issues. A long list of things you’d like to change, improvements you’d like to make, systems you’d like to implement, hires you’d like to find, features you’d like to implement, responsibilities you’d like to enhance, promotions you’d like to push through, a heap of other stuff you’d like to make happen. Plenty.

Some are easy to do, have an immediate impact and make no waves. Win win win. With these … what are you wait for?

With everything else there’s a downside in the middle of the upside. The distraction, the loss of performance before the gain comes through, the vested interests, the angst, the confusion, the endless ways change can be hard and the infinite strategies you can try to ease the way.

There’s only so much that can be done. So make a choice. Start there.

Skippy strategy: With change, choose where to start. Do that.