May 9, 2020

Your appetite


If you’re doing good work and paying attention, opportunities have a habit of walking through the door. Some of them might even be worthwhile. It’s easy to get carried along by new ideas so before you go too far chasing the rainbow, two questions: appetite and bandwidth.

The first is where most people start because their appetite is … excitable … and it tends to dominate their thinking. Mmm-hmm, that looks good. Let’s sink our teeth in and see how tasty it really is. And before you’ve got past breakfast, you’re fingers are covered in jam and butter.

The second is a better starter. Do I, do we, have the bandwidth to give this due attention? Do we space in our diaries, our heads, our resource plans to give it the respect it deserves? If yes, do we want to?

Skippy strategy: If you don’t have the bandwidth, contain your appetite.