April 20, 2018

Your bit


There’s always a lot of waiting.

For the data to be collected, for the customer to make their decision, for the ducks to line up in a row. We know the culprits. The complicated approach that tangles the web, that creaking systems that can’t keep up with the world, the last-minute people defined by inaction.

And them’s the breaks. Grrrr.

The thing is … shhh … we might be one of the causes.

We sometimes keep people hanging on for a decision that was so obvious it made itself, but is too uncomfortable to be told out loud. We harbour systems that we know are no good. We get lost in the complexity of wood and trees. We sit on our hands when we should leap to the task.

It’s ok to be impatient when things won’t move. 

But look in the mirror before grinding your teeth.

Skippy strategy: Get your bit done.